Here by popular request (and need), we have a donate section.  As mentioned elsewhere, as we grow our needs grow.  If you are able to donate monetarily, you can be assured that any money collected will go directly toward funding the activities and events that support our heroes. (Donate here).

We are also open to goods and services donations.  Some examples would be:

  • bottled water, to offer heroes/participants after their massage session at an event
  • disinfectant wipes to wipe down tables between sessions at an event
  • granola or energy bars to offer our therapists and heroes/participants during events
  • paper and toner to print flyers, for events and orientations
  • canopies (to loan/set up) for events, small to large
  • transportation (i.e. van/shuttle) for therapists and tables when we start commuting to remote sites (a future goal is to be able to visit soldiers as they wait to deploy)
  • promotional goodies like stress balls, pens, clips, etc. we can use to help spread the word of how to connect heroes with therapists/providers

The list goes on.  And perhaps there are some things we haven’t even considered yet.  We are open to ideas and suggestions!  (Contact us here).